President Harry S. Truman

Never Forget

America will                                       Their Sacrifices.

Undying Gratitude.

They have earned Our

           Can Never Be Repaid.

Our Debt To The Heroic Men and Valiant Women in the Service of Our Country

  • July 23 - Warrior Walk
  • September 11 - Remember the Day 
  • September 16 - POW Memorial Dedication
  • November 12 - Veterans Day Ceremony and Parade​

Flight to Honor

The Polk County Veterans Council is excited to announce the next “Flight to Honor” will be launched from Lakeland Linder Airport on April 7, 2016, carrying Veterans to Washington DC.


Learn more about two current projects going on in Lakeland; The WWII Memorial Plaza and the Global War on Terrorism Freedom Memorial. Can you help us reach our goals?

Current Projects