Mission 5 - APRIL 30, 2019

President Harry S. Truman

Never Forget

America will                                       Their Sacrifices.

Undying Gratitude.

They have earned Our

           Can Never Be Repaid.

Our Debt To The Heroic Men and Valiant Women in the Service of Our Country

  • ​May 19, 2018 - Armed Forces Day
     4:30 PM - 8:30 PM
    TIGERTOWN - 2301 Lakeland Hills 

  • April 2-7, 2019  I   Sun ‘n Fun Fly-In  I  Lakeland Linder Airport
  • April 30, 2019  I  Flight to Honor Mission 5  I  Lakeland Linder Airport 
  • May 18, 2019  I  Armed Forces Day  I  Joker Marchant Stadium, Lakeland
  • May 26, 2019  I  Calvary Baptist Church Memorial Service   I  1945 North Florida Avenue, Lakeland 
  • May 27, 2019  I  Memorial Day Program Lakeland Memorial Gardens  


Flight to Honor Mission 5 is scheduled for April 30, 2019  The flight is NO COST for veterans.  Priority is given to those with severe medical conditions followed by World War II, Korean and Vietnam War veterans.  

Flight to Honor