The Polk County Veterans Council exists as a voice in our community calling for a strong national defense and support for those who have and continue to serve.  All organizations and individuals, public and private, who wish to join in this mission are welcome to participate in the activities of the  council.  The council operates to coordinate various activities that support this mission.  It also provides a forum for networking among the many organizations who share a common desire to support veterans and foster an abiding commitment to the values and principles for which veterans served our nation.  The council welcomes any organization or individual or group who wishes to join in this cause.

About Us

PO Box 3911

LAKELAND FL 33802 us

Telephone:  +1.863.602.0921

Our Mission

To promote United States national security and a strong national defense through support of military veterans by fostering positive community relations while building camaraderie and good will.



Founded: 2003

Chairman: Gary Clark